Clear Tear Resistant Disposable Chair Covers (71″ x 59″) for Salons, Spas, Barbers, and Others 25pk

Clear Tear Resistant Disposable Chair Covers (71″ x 59″) for Salons, Spas, Barbers, and Others 25pk

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About the Product

Introducing our Clear Tear Resistant Disposable Chair Covers, designed specifically for salons, spas, barbershops, and various other professional environments. With a size of 71″ x 59″, these chair covers offer superior coverage and protection for your furniture. Made from high-quality tear-resistant material, our chair covers ensure durability and longevity.


Our chair covers provide multiple advantages that make them an ideal choice for salon owners and professionals. Firstly, the clear design allows customers to still enjoy the aesthetic appeal of your chairs while protecting them from hair, dyes, and other potential stains. These chair covers are also waterproof, ensuring easy cleaning and preventing liquid damage. Additionally, their tear-resistant feature guarantees a long-lasting and reliable solution. The disposable nature of these chair covers saves you time and effort on cleaning, as you can simply replace them after each use.


It’s important to consider a few limitations of our Clear Tear Resistant Disposable Chair Covers. While they provide excellent protection, they might not fit all chair sizes perfectly. Therefore, it is recommended to measure your chairs beforehand to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, due to their disposable nature, these covers may not be the most environmentally-friendly option for sustainable businesses. However, we are continuously working towards developing eco-friendly alternatives to address this concern.

Precautions and Maintenance

When using our chair covers, it’s important to follow a few precautions. Firstly, make sure to avoid sharp objects that could potentially puncture or tear the covers. Additionally, keep them away from open flames or heat sources to prevent fire hazards. To clean the chair covers, simply wipe them down with a mild disinfectant solution or use a damp cloth with soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the covers.

Suitable Audience and Occasions

Our Clear Tear Resistant Disposable Chair Covers are perfect for a variety of professional environments. They are particularly suitable for salons, spas, barbershops, nail salons, and tattoo studios. These covers provide an excellent solution for protecting chairs during haircuts, styling, coloring, beauty treatments, and tattooing sessions. Their versatility makes them appropriate for both large-scale salons and smaller independent professionals.

How to Maintain and Store

To maintain the quality of our chair covers, keep them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or high humidity. It is recommended to store them in the original packaging or airtight containers to prevent any damage. Check for any signs of wear or tear before each use and discard any covers that are damaged or compromised.

We hope you find our Clear Tear Resistant Disposable Chair Covers a valuable addition to your salon or spa. They offer reliable protection, easy cleaning, and a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers. Get yours today and enjoy the benefits of these durable and convenient chair covers!

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