SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil For Dry, Damaged Hair Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment 11.5 oz

SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque

SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque

Welcome to the world of SheaMoisture’s Intensive Hydration Hair Masque! This 11.5 oz deep conditioning hair treatment is specially formulated with Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil, designed to provide intensive hydration and repair dry, damaged hair.

Advantages of the Product:

1. Intense Hydration: The combination of Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil deeply moisturizes and nourishes each strand of your hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable.

2. Restores Hair Health: This hair masque helps repair and restore the health of your damaged hair by strengthening and revitalizing it from roots to tips.

3. Natural Ingredients: SheaMoisture prides itself on using natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients in all their products, ensuring that you receive the best care for your hair.

4. Versatile Use: Suitable for all hair types, this hair masque can be used on curly, wavy, straight, or coily hair, delivering moisturization and nourishment regardless of your hair texture.


1. Patch Test: Before applying the masque to your entire head, perform a patch test on a small section of your hair to check for any adverse reactions or allergies.

2. Avoid Scalp Application: Focus the application on the lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding direct contact with the scalp, as it may cause oiliness.

3. Rinse Thoroughly: After leaving the masque on for the recommended time, ensure you rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any residue and prevent product buildup.

Suitable Audience and Occasions:

The SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque is perfect for individuals with dry, damaged hair seeking a deep conditioning treatment. Whether you have chemically treated hair, heat-damaged hair, color-treated hair, or simply naturally dry hair, this masque is designed to replenish and revive your locks.

It is ideal for use on various occasions, including regular hair care routines, weekly pampering sessions, or as an intensive treatment before or after a styling session to repair and nourish your hair.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

To clean the product, simply wipe off any excess masque from the container using a clean, damp cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo to remove any residue.

For long-term maintenance, tightly close the container after each use to preserve the quality of the product. Store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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