Mixweer 30 Pcs Fitted Massage Table Sheets Soft Non Woven Spa Bed Cover Disposable Bed Sheets Breathable Massage Table Protective Cover 39″ x 87″ for Beauty Salon Facial Body Skincare (White)

Product Introduction: Mixweer 30 Pcs Fitted Massage Table Sheets for Spa Bed


Introducing the Mixweer 30 Pcs Fitted Massage Table Sheets, the perfect solution for your beauty salon, facial, body, or skincare treatments. Crafted with soft non-woven fabric, these disposable bed sheets are designed to provide ultimate comfort and protection for your clients during massage sessions. With a dimension of 39″ x 87″, these breathable massage table sheets conveniently fit most standard-sized massage tables. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of this product, precautions for use, suitable audience, occasions for use, cleaning tips, and maintenance recommendations below.


The Mixweer 30 Pcs Fitted Massage Table Sheets offer several advantages that make them an indispensable accessory for your spa or salon:

  • Soft Non-Woven Fabric: Made from premium-quality non-woven fabric, these sheets create a comfortable and relaxing environment for your clients.
  • Disposable and Hygienic: These bed covers are disposable, ensuring optimal hygiene for each client. Start every session with a fresh, clean sheet.
  • Breathable Design: The sheets are designed to be breathable, allowing air circulation and preventing your clients from feeling overheated.
  • Perfect Fit: With a fitted design, these sheets snugly cover the massage table, preventing them from slipping or bunching up during the treatment.
  • Quick and Easy to Use: The fitted elastic edges make it incredibly easy to set up these sheets on your massage table in no time.
  • Cost-Effective: This pack includes 30 disposable sheets, offering great value for your money while ensuring you never run out of clean sheets for your clients.


Though highly beneficial, it’s essential to consider a few potential downsides of the Mixweer 30 Pcs Fitted Massage Table Sheets:

  • Non-Reusability: As disposable sheets, they are not designed for multiple uses. Keep this in mind while calculating your ongoing expenses.
  • Environmental Impact: Disposable sheets contribute to waste generation. Implement measures to minimize environmental impact, such as using eco-friendly alternatives when possible.


When using the Mixweer Fitted Massage Table Sheets, adhere to the following precautions for a safe and satisfactory experience:

  • Avoid using the sheets if allergic or hypersensitive to non-woven fabric materials.
  • Discard used sheets properly to prevent contamination and maintain hygiene standards.
  • Store the sheets in a clean and dry place to maintain their integrity.
  • Double-check the packaging for any signs of damage or tampering before use.

Suitable Audience and Occasions:

The Mixweer 30 Pcs Fitted Massage Table Sheets are perfect for:

  • Beauty salons, spas, or wellness centers offering massage, facial, skincare, or body treatments.
  • Professional massage therapists or estheticians working in a variety of settings, including clinics, resorts, or home-based practices.
  • Occasions such as spa parties, bridal showers, or special events where hygiene and convenience are of utmost importance.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Since these are disposable sheets, cleaning is not required. However, here are some essential maintenance tips:

  • Store the sheets away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration.
  • Keep the package sealed to prevent moisture from compromising the quality of the sheets.
  • Regularly check the expiration date to ensure optimal performance.


The Mixweer 30 Pcs Fitted Massage Table Sheets are the ideal choice for all your spa, beauty, and skincare needs. Combining comfort, hygiene, and convenience, these disposable bed sheets offer a cost-effective solution to ensure your clients’ well-being. Embrace the advantages of soft non-woven fabric, breathability, and a perfect fit while considering the precautions and maintenance tips. Elevate your massage sessions and create a soothing experience for your clients with the Mixweer 30 Pcs Fitted Massage Table Sheets.

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