Keewi Premium Reclining Salon Chair with Removable Headrest & Reclining Backrest, Heavy Duty Barber Chair with Steel Frame, 360° Swivel Stylish Chair with Leather Upholstery – Pink

Keewi Premium Reclining Salon Chair – Pink | Product Introduction

Keewi Premium Reclining Salon Chair

Comfort and Style Redefined

The Keewi Premium Reclining Salon Chair with Removable Headrest & Reclining Backrest combines durability, comfort, and style, making it the ultimate choice for salon owners and professionals seeking a high-quality barber chair. Crafted with a sturdy steel frame, this chair guarantees long-lasting performance even in the busiest of salons. Its 360° swivel feature allows easy maneuverability, enhancing the efficiency of stylists during treatments.

Advantages: This salon chair exudes elegance with its stylish pink leather upholstery, adding a touch of glamour to any salon décor. The removable headrest and reclining backrest provide ultimate comfort for customers during extended hair treatments. The heavy-duty design ensures stability and safety for users of all sizes. With its ergonomic design, this chair helps reduce back strain for both clients and hairstylists.

Disadvantages: While the Keewi Premium Reclining Salon Chair offers exceptional features, it is essential to consider that its size may not be suitable for smaller salons with limited space. Additionally, due to its heavy-duty construction, this chair requires assembly upon delivery, which might take some time and effort.

Precautions: It is vital to ensure that all users read and understand the manual before operating the Keewi Premium Reclining Salon Chair. Users should be cautious while adjusting the chair’s reclining backrest and headrest to avoid any accidents. The chair should not be used by individuals with physical limitations without proper assistance. Ensure that children are supervised while near the chair.

Suitable Audience & Occasions: Ideal for professional hair salons, beauty spas, and barbershops, this chair caters to the needs of hairstylists, barbers, and clients. From haircuts and styling to various salon treatments, the Keewi Premium Reclining Salon Chair offers exceptional versatility and functionality for various occasions like beauty makeovers, hair coloring, and more.

Cleaning Instructions: To maintain the pristine appearance of the chair, regularly dust off or vacuum the leather upholstery using a soft brush attachment. In case of spills or stains, gently wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners to prevent damage to the leather. Promptly dry any wet areas with a soft towel.

Maintenance: To ensure long-lasting performance, periodically inspect and tighten all nuts and bolts of the chair. Lubricate the swivel mechanism and moving parts as recommended in the user manual. Use leather care products to moisturize and protect the upholstery from cracking or drying out over time. Store the chair in a clean and dry environment to prevent damage.

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